It all started when…

Ruby’s foray into the beauty world began as a goth teenager in the mid to late nineties. Slathering her face with white foundation, copious amounts of black liquid eyeliner and red lipstick was the start of a love affair with makeup.

Having worked in the branded content arena for various companies around the world, Ruby has had the opportunity to create engaging content-led campaigns for numerous beauty brands, including the creation of the MSN International Beauty Awards in 2013.

Her family and friends were always asking her for tips and information on the latest beauty releases, which led her to create the Instagram account Rubisaurus in late 2015.

Starting out as a way to share her product reviews and recommendations with family and friends around the world, she has since rebranded to Ruby Thomas Beauty and started a blog, facebook and twitter accounts where shares her passion for beauty daily with thousands of engaged followers.