Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam

The Anastasia Beverley Hills (ABH) Soft Glam palette is the first one I've owned from the brand. I know everyone raved about Modern Renaissance, but it had too many reds and pinks I knew I wouldn't touch. Subculture shadow quality issues aside was in the same boat - beautiful but something I knew I wouldn't reach for.

When I saw the images of Soft Glam that were leaked online I knew it was going to be the palette to bring me in the fold, I just loved the colour story. While some people considered it boring in comparison to its predecessors I saw a palette that was perfect for every day but still had enough punch to deliver full-on glam. So the day it was released I decided to pick it up.

There are 14 shades in total (nine mattes, five metallics), including a few that have previously appeared in the ABH universe. Tempera, Cypress Umber & Burnt Orange all hail from Modern Renaissance, while Orange Soda and Noir are popular singles. The remaining nine shades are exclusive to Soft Glam. 

As this is the only ABH palette I own having duplicate shades isn't an issue for me, the most important thing was a cohesive colour story which Soft Glam definitely has. Looking at it you can see how you could use shades like Orange Soda, Burnt Orange, Sienna & Cypress umber to create a glam warm smokey eye or Dusty Rose, Mulberry & Rose Pink for something soft and romantic.

I consider myself beginner-intermediate when it comes to makeup so I biggest fear in purchasing this palette is that I wouldn't be skilled enough to use it. Norvina (Anastasia's daughter) had said of the issues with Subculture that they were pigments designed to be used by professionals - which I am definitely not and I hoped this palette wouldn't have the same prerequisites.

I needn't of worried, the shadows in Soft Glam are just exquisite. They are extremely pigmented but still easy to use, while someone who is more confident could dip in and get full colour pay off. I was able to tap off the brush and slowly build up the colour which is how I prefer to work. 

There is a little kick back with some shades (which is the tradeoff for strong pigment), Cypress Umber comes to mind and I really recommend tapping your brush off well as it's quite a dark shade and there is a little fall out when using it. But with most shades, there is no more or less than other brands in similar categories like Natasha Denona.

That said these shadows blend so effortlessly and beautifully I feel that they do the work for you. I was able to create several looks that I feel appear to be well beyond my skill level and I just can't express enough how impressed I was with the outcomes.

If you're worried about quality, don't be, any issues ABH may have had in the past have been resolved for this release. Overall I think this is a fabulous palette that is definitely worth investing in. I can see myself using it daily for work and it is perfect to travel with. ABH Soft Glam would be a great addition to anyone's collection regardless of skill level.