Fenty Beauty Matchstix Trio

The T and nothing but the T on Fenty Beauty's new line of concealer, contour & highlighter sticks

I got the light set which includes a contour stick in Amber, concealer stick in Linen and highlight stick in Starstruck. First off you get a lot of product in these sticks - for those of you wondering each stick has 7.1 grams of product (which is nearly 8 times what you get in a single side of a KKW contour stick) so you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The Contour: I'm in love with this contour stick. It has the perfect amount of grey undertone and is a true contour product - this is not a bronzer. It's creamy, super easy to apply and blends out without disappearing or leaving you with a big stripe. It also has lasting power and my cheeks were as chiseled as they were initially ten hours after applying.

The concealer: While not full coverage, I did enjoy this concealer. It's lightweight, blends easily and doesn't feel heavy or drying under the eyes. I can imagine getting a lot of use from this in the summer when I'm going for a 'no makeup' makeup look. That said I don't think you need this, it's nothing special and isn't going to tackle problems like dark circles.

The Highlighter: Another product I really like, this highlighter still sparkled after I powdered it down to set my face. It can be used lightly for a more subtle glow or built up to be more blinding. This is the one product I wouldn't recommend applying directly to the face. I warmed the product up on my hand them used my fingers to apply it to my cheeks, which works beautifully.

Overall: I think these are really good quality products that work and if you're looking for a new cream contour set, these are well worth looking out and worth the price. I wish you could create your own trio and get a second highlight or contour as you could skip the concealer altogether.