Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

I really wanted to try the Huda Beauty palette out a lot before giving a review, I have to say after wearing it pretty much exclusively for the last couple of weeks, I am completely and utterly in love.

At AU$95 from Sephora this is a pretty exxy purchase but I have found it to be so versatile it could almost be the only eyeshadow palette you need own (almost).

I am by no means a professional makeup artist and I found these shadows so easy to work with. It really doesn’t matter if you’re not amazingly skilled - they practically blend themselves which made me feel comfortable to dip into bolder colours.

The colour range is great and the cohesive layout makes it easy to create. You can do anything from light and simple to full-blown glam and everything in between.

My only issues with this palette are that I wish there was a darker brown shade (Oud is a little too red toned to be neutral) and cosmos the pressed glitter is tricky to use and just gets everywhere so I can’t really see myself reaching for it too often.

I’ve already traveled with it three times, which says a lot - there’s enough difference between the shades, tones, and textures to create oodles of completely different looks which makes it an ideal one-stop shop.

Overall I adore this palette, the shadows are good quality, pigmented and I 100% think it’s worth your hard earned dollars