KKW Beauty Contour Kit

My KKW beauty contour kit finally arrived. I've been testing it out over the weekend and here are my thoughts:

The Contour: I really like the contour products, I just wish there was more of it! They're creamy, easy to apply and blend out well. The tone in the light kit is really lovely and don't pull too grey or orange.

The Highlight: The shimmer highlight is subtle but pretty and like the contours it's creamy and easy to work with but not mind blowing. The matte highlight I found to be quite dry and seems to be a different formula to the other products, I can't see myself using it much.

The Tool: I think the brush works well to blend out the contour and I can see myself using it for other cream products, but if you already have a kabuki brush you don't need this. The sponge is a bit too firm even after dampening and I wouldn't use it again.

Would I repurchase: No, while the contour is good there just isn't enough product and the price point is too high to consider repurchasing this kit, however I would repurchase the contour alone if it came with significantly more product.