I created my own lipstick

The Lip Lab

If your thinking the only way to create your own dream lipstick shades must be by setting up a makeup line or brand collab, I'm here to tell you there is another way! I recently visited The Lip Lab on Oxford Street in Sydney where I was able to do just that and best of all you can too.

With personalisation on rise, be through monogrammed accessories or custom Kit Kats it makes sense that the cosmetics industry got in on the action. The brainchild of sisters Courtney & Kimberley Treacy, The Lip Lab allows you to do the one thing that has eluded most of us for years: the perfect shade of lipstick.

I decided I needed a game plan before heading to my appointment, was I going to create my dream red? the perfect nude? after much internal back and forth I settled on something that has always been just out of reach for me the ultimate matte 'your lips but better' shade.

Now there a few theories on how to find this shade, one of the most popular is matching your lipstick to your nipple, not one to get my boobs out in public I quickly passed on that idea, then my step mum mention that colour of the inside of your lip is also supposed to be a perfect match.

So when I sat down with my lovely consultant I flashed the inside of my lower lip and told her that's the shade I wanted. She asked me to show her again, took a long look and then started pulling bottles of pigment in various shades of pinks, reds, and white on a template writing down how much of one or the other was added then blended together in front of me.

We took another look at the inside of my lip and I have to say she got it spot on first try. Because I wanted to be absolutely sure we tried a few adjustments and then returned to her original composition. She added a mix a shea butter and wax and my lipstick came to life.

Lip Lab Process

An element of this experience I wasn't expecting was the ability to add scents and things like sun protection, lip plumpers, and anti-agers. I decided to keep mine fragrance free but added the anti-ager. Once everything was added in, I was able to choose the shape of the lipstick bullet and packaging. Then my mix was heated up to make it liquidy and thin enough to be poured into the mold. As we waited for it cool enough to be put in the outer packaging, I had to come up with a name for my creation and 'Ruby Blush' was born (hey, who doesn't want a lipstick named after them?) 

I've been wearing Ruby Blush for about a month now and I have to say it really does live up to all of my expectations, it truly is my lips but better and while it's matte, it's still creamy and doesn't feel drying on the lips. While I was lucky enough to be offered this experience for free, I would pay for this service especially if I was looking for a unique shade for a big event or a wedding.

My consultation took 30 minutes all up (which is probably less time than I take looking for a specific lipstick shade in regular shops) cost $65 keep in mind additives like scents and anti-agers are an additional $3 each. I chose a matte lipstick, but they also offer a cream finish. Plus you can also make custom lipgloss, foundation, and concealer.  

There are 16 Lip Labs located all around the country both in metro and more regional areas so this really is a service everyone can enjoy.