What happened to the Beauty Community?

What happened to the Beauty Community?

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A lot happening in the beauty community right now, it seems like it's just scandal after scandal and while the community can be extremely supportive it can turn just as easily. Kicked off by a single tweet, the current drama seems to be a little more real than anything I've seen happen before. 

I'm not going to re-hash the original "drama" if you want to know the in's and out's of that you can watch some videos on it here. What I do want to talk about are some videos that have come out in the wake of that drama from Marlena Stell, Tati Westbrook & Samantha Ravndahl

The gist of issues discussed in those videos are things like are influencers are demanding too much money for posts, are influencers really the lovely people we think they are, influencers will lie their audiences if the price is right.

I think it's important when it comes to things like this that you don't take anyone's word for it, do your own research, and make your own decisions. Look I know everyone has made a 'my truth' style video or post and I'm kind of over them myself so if you want to click away from this post I can't blame you, but here's "my truth".

My beauty blogging journey started with my Instagram account, about two years ago due to various circumstances I was extremely depressed. I was struggling to even get out of bed in the morning and this is kind of disgusting but some days I even forgot to shower.

Whilst I was in my self-imposed sunken place, I stumbled across a beauty video on YouTube, because I watched that one more started being suggested to me and before I knew you I was down a beauty YouTuber rabbit hole and for whatever reason those videos ended up being the thing I needed to get me up and out of bed.

The first palette I picked up was Grav3yardGirl's Tarte collaboration, I adored it. Suddenly I was getting up and out of bed watching loads of YouTube tutorials and trying new looks. I decided that I would take some photos and post them to Instagram and the rest, as they say, is history. Playing with makeup made and still makes me really happy and being able to share that happiness with others is pretty awesome.

Where I differ I suppose to some other people in the beauty community, is that I have a career in a completely different industry which I find extremely fulfilling and allows me to live comfortably so I'm not looking to make beauty blogging a career.

I don't do any sponsored content, use affiliate codes or make any money off my content. To be completely honest that is both by choice and the fact that at the time of writing this I have about 8K followers on Instagram and get around 10K unique visits per month to this very blog so my earning capacity from beauty blogging is limited.

The reason I have decided not to commercialise my content is that I started doing this for fun and I worry that if I start trying to turn it a money-making venture it will stop being fun. I am lucky in the sense that I receive some products in PR to try out and get invited to events from time to time. Through those, I've had some really incredible experiences and I've met some really amazing people  

Receiving products in PR is definitely a privilege, not a right. Saying that I do at times get possessed by the green-eyed monster and I sometimes get jealous when I see other influencers getting products or opportunities that I don't or why I'm not on a PR list when someone else is, I think that is partially just human nature but in those moments I do try and stop and remind myself that I'm being ridiculous.

Also I am aware that a brand will send me products because it's mutially beneficial, I get new products to try and review and they get free promotion. Do I think there is anything wrong with making money off your content? Absolutely not. It takes a lot of effort to run an Instagram account or YouTube channel full time and it makes sense to want to be paid for your hard work.

In all honesty people like Bunny, Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star - the first YouTubers I started watching and people I still support today did for me what no doctor or family member was able to do at the time; ignite a passion and drive for something when I'd completely lost myself.

So that's 'my truth', I started doing this because it made me happy if that stops I like to think that I'll stop doing it.

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