Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection Review

Urban Decay has added a new member to the Naked family, the Naked Cherry collection is launching next month and here is everything you need to know before hit the shelves

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette

I have a confession to make, Naked Cherry is the first Naked palette I’ve ever owned, the colour stories of the previous palettes have never really ‘spoken’ to me and while I have other Urban Decay palettes that I adore this is the first in the Naked series that has really called my name.

Let’s start with the palette - I’ve seen a few comments about this palette saying that the colours aren’t cherry enough, but I think it’s important to remember that this is at it’s core a Naked palette and its about neutrals so personally I wasn’t expecting brights in this palette. But you do get the depth and intensity you would expect from a cherry themed palette.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette

Do they blend? The short answer is yes, I created a look using ‘Caution’ and ‘Feelz’ in the crease, ‘Devilish’ on the outer third, ‘Privacy’ in the outer v and ‘Turn On’ over the lid and I found the shadows smooth and easy to work with. I didn’t feel like I had to spend ages blending them out, the mattes held their pigment without getting patchy and are buildable. I applied ‘turn on’ with a little setting spray on the brush to get it to really pop.

I was in a rush to get this review up in a timely manner so I haven’t had a chance to use every colour on my eyes, but I have swatched them all - which I know isn’t always the best indicator of performance, but, none of them felt dry or chalky and I did do a combination of brush and finger swatches and I didn’t have an issue with any of the shades.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection

There has been a lot of focus on the eyeshadow palette but another than really deserves some attention is the highlighter and blush palette. Initially I was worried that the blush would be too dark for my light skin tone, but it’s not overly pigmented so you can build it up your preference.

The highlighter is a really lovely light gold that doesn’t leave that weird darkness when you look front on and again can be applied lightly or with a little more gusto to get your desired effect. The magic of this palette lies in the complexion topper, it doesn’t look like anything in the pan, but when you apply it to the skin it has the most amazing pink shift.

If you haven’t tried Urban Decay’s Vice lipsticks, you need too! They come in oodles of formulas and over 100 hues so you’re sure to find your match. This collection includes three limited edition shades, Cherry is a deep cherry (duh) wine in their cream formula, for a dark shade it really packs a punch with pigment and goes on beautiful I was able to apply an opaque easily but I think it would benefit from the use of a lip liner.

The other two lipsticks are in their metalized formula and to be honest if I had been given these I probably would have written them off without even giving them a chance. I’m not a fan of glitter lips and I didn’t think I’d like these, but shocking I do. While I don’t see me pulling these out for everyday wear, they’re not the chunky glitter lips I thought they’d be.

Juicy is a light pinky peach with copper micro glitter and Devilish is a berry pink with multi toned pink micro glitter. I think the word to focus on is micro glitter, from a short distance away these lipstick give you a wet shine look, it’s not till you’re up close that you can see the glitter. They do feel a little gritty on application but feel super smooth once they on.

I do wish there was a comfort matte (my fave Vice lipstick formula) that matched ‘Feelz’ or ‘Bing’ from the eyeshadow palette. I think that would have given you more options to complete a look using this collection alone and as we’re coming into summer here in Australia Cherry is just a little to dark for this time of year.

Last but not least the cherry scented All Nighter setting spray works just as well as the original, and the scent is just enough without being headache inducing. I don’t have the two 24/7 glide on eye pencils (though I will grab them when the collection launches next month) Love Drug is a sparkly berry and Black Market is a sparkly black.

So should you buy it? Yes. Yes you should, it’s a beautiful collection if you can afford to I’d grab the lot! The products are all good quality and the colour story is stunning. If you could only get a few things I’d grab the eyeshadow palette and the highlighter and blush palette if you can only get one thing get the eyeshadow palette.