Are all beauty sponges created equal?

When BeautyBlender released their now iconic makeup sponge in 2003, it change the makeup world forever. Understandably it’s spawned a multitude of imitators, which begs the question: Are all beauty sponges created equal?

Are all beauty sponges created equal

In my opinion the biggest innovation in beauty in the last 20 years or so is hands down the ‘beauty sponge’. Personally I had never been able to get a perfect application with a brush and was always left with streaks and demarcation (this probably has more to do with my skill than the brushes themselves!) and often found I was able to do a better job with my hands, which for a long time was how I applied my foundation.

The creation of the BeautyBlender changed all that, it gave the average consumer, people like me, a way to get a flawless professional finish - it was pure beauty magic. Since launching in stores in 2003, the beauty sponge changed makeup application as we knew it and has been copied by almost every beauty brand on the market.

With so many options available it can be hard to know what is going to give you the best bang for your buck, so I’ve tried six of the most popular sponges, so you don’t have to.


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge $17

Real techniques Sponge

The Real Techniques sponge is a great beauty sponge, the shape makes it easy to get into the contours of your face and it expands well in water giving it a good amount of softness which means you can easily and evenly apply makeup.


Diorskin Forever Fluid Sponge $29

Dior Sponge

This is a case of luxury not always being best. This sponge is like a rock, it actually hurts a little to bounce it on your skin. It’s basically an old school beauty sponge in the shape of blending sponge. It’s definitely a no from me.


Juno Microfibre Velvet Sponge $9

Juno Microfibre Velvet Sponge

I love the idea of this sponge, the microfibre on the outer layer makes total sense in theory. While this sponge is good, my issue was that it dries out too quickly, which in turn ruins your flawless finish. While it does technically work, you either has to have it super wet or work at super speeds.


Morphe Highlight + Contour Sponge $11

Morphe Sponge

This is another sponge that was a fail for me, while it expands nicely in water it has a weird silicone texture, it doesn’t absorb any product, which you may think is a good thing, but you need that tiny bit of absorption to blend the product in flawlessly. This just moves the product around your face it doesn’t make it one with your skin.


BeautyBlender Original $30


The original and ultimately the best. I’ve tried so many different sponges and I always go back to the original, this sponge just works it gives you the perfect amount of softness for the perfect bounce and applies foundation and other cream products better than anything else I’ve tried.