Is that an accent? Where are you from?

I'm from Sydney Australia. Though I spent 10 years living overseas mainly in London, hence the accent (I've recently discovered my British accent is also my posh phone voice). I current live in Sydney', Australia with my frenchie Mimi. 

How long have you been a beauty blogger?

I posted my first beauty related picture on Instagram on 26th of June 2016. My blog came about six months later. I’ve worked in media for the last million years and had previously worked with beauty brands to create campaigns, run beauty awards and review products.

Do you accept free products?

Yes, while I don’t do paid posts or sponsored content. I am always extremely grateful to receive products in PR, and invitations to events. It is definitely a privilege, not a right! Plus it makes it easier to review products.

Do you do any sponsored content?

No. I don't create any sponsored content or accept money in exchange for posts. that said I am often send products in PR to review, but as I don't do sponsored posts you can be assured that my opinions are always genunine and honest.


Do you have affilate codes?

No. I don't have any affiliate codes. I have used them in the past, but right now I prefer not to be affiliated to any specific brand.


Do you have a PR kit?

Yes. Email me at hello@rubythomas.com for an up-to-date media kit.